Please take note that some Celebrities will only be doing signings on certain days. Billy Dee Williams and Sean Young will only be signing after their screenings. Presale Vouchers will be available. If you would like a Voucher please email: frank@popconla.com

  Billy Dee Williams - (The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Batman, Lady Sings the Blues, Night Hawks) - PHOTO OPPORTUNITY AT 2:15SATURDAY ONLY

  Michael Biehn - (The Terminator, Aliens, Tombstone, the Rock, Navy Seals) - CANCELED BUT WILL HAVE SIGNED MATERIAL AVAILABLE

Jen Blanc  Jen Blanc - (The Crow, Dark Angel, The Victim) - Showing her Film on Sunday with Signing afterward

  Marina Sirtis - (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Generations, Crash, Star Trek: Nemesis, Gargoyles, The Closer, Family Guy) - Available for Photo Opportunity - Receiving a Career Achievement Award at the ITVfest Awards Sunday Night - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY

 Sean Young - Cancelled

 Denise Crosby - (Ray Donovan, Southland, Star Trek: the Next Generation, Pet Semetary, Dexter, Bones, Mortuary, JAG, X-files, Lois & Clark) - SUNDAY ONLY

 Claudia Christian - (Babylon 5, voice of Skyrim, Starhyke, NYPD Blue and author of "Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction") - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY

 Patricia Tallman - (Babylon 5, Night of the Living Dead, Jurrasic Park, Army of Darkness) SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY

 Richard Hatch - (Battlestar Galactica, Dynasty, Delta Force Commando II, Love Boat) - Receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the ITVfest Awards Sunday Night PHOTO OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE - FRIDAY - SUN

 Margot Kidder - (Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Superman IV, Captain Planet, Smallville, Black Christmas, Halloween II) - Photo Opportunity Available - FRI - SUN

 Jack O'Halloran - (Superman, Superman II, King Kong, Dragnet, Knight Rider) - Jack will also be signing his new book.

 Valerie Perrine - (Superman, Superman II, What Women Want, Nash Bridges, ER, Diamonds Are Forever)

 Stephanie Erb - (True Blood, The Ring, Starship Troopers, 24) - SATURDAY ONLY


James Hong James Hong - (Blade Runner, Kung Fu Panda, Big Trouble in Little China, Archer) - Photo Opportunity Available - Receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the STTVAwards Sunday Night - FRI - SUN

  Claudia Wells - (Back to the Future, Fast Times, Alien Armageddon) - Photo Opportunity Available with Delorean

 Richard Anderson - (The Six Million Dollar Man, the Bionic Woman, Forbidden Planet, Gettysburg, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason)

 Jim Kelly - (Enter the Dragon, Black Belt Jones, Three the Hard Way, Hot Potato) - FRIDAY - SUNDAY

 Bob Wall - (Enter the Dragon, Walker Texas Ranger, Blood & Bone, Black Belt Jones) - FRIDAY - SUNDAY

 Dean Haglund - (X-Files, Lone Gunmen, Bones, Femme Fatales)

 Celeste Yarnall - (Star Trek: The Apple, Eve, Bonanza, Hogan's Heroes, Melrose Place)

  Tony Curran - (Underworld: Evolution, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) - SATURDAY ONLY

  Bruce Boxlietner - (Tron, Babylon 5) - PHOTO OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE AT 2:45 SUNDAY ONLY

Cindy Morgan - (Tron, Caddy Shack) - PHOTO OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE

  Tim Russ - (Star Trek: Voyager, Samantha Who?, Star Trek Generations, iCarly, Live Free or Die Hard) - Receiving a Career Achievement Award at theSTTV Awards Sunday Night - SUNDAY ONLY ON STAR TREK PANEL & AT HIS LIVE BAND PERFORMANCE ON FRIDAY NIGHT

  Garrett Wang - (Star Trek: Voyager, Acts of Violence, Demon Island)

 Emilie Ullerup - (Sanctuary, Supernatural, This Means War, Hunt to Kill) - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY
 Butch Patrick - (Eddie Munster on the Munsters) - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY

 Erin Murphy - (Tabitha on Bewitched)

 Kathleen Coleman - (Land of the Lost - Holly Marshall)

Alisa Reyes - (The Proud Family as LaCienega Boulevardez,  BostonPublic, American Family, All That) - SATURDAY ONLY

  Richard LeParmentier  - (Star Wars: A New Hope, Octopussy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit) - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY

  Ricco Ross - (Aliens, Mission:Impossible, Wishmaster, Gulliver's Travels) - FRIDAY ONLY

 Jessica Rey  - (Power Rangers: Wild Force - White Tiger) - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY

 Nakia Burrise - (Power Rangers : Turbo & Zeo - Yellow Zeo Turbo Ranger) - FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY

 Walter Jones - (Power Rangers - Original Series - Black Power Ranger) - SATURDAY & SUNDAY ONLY

 Karan Ashly - (Yellow Power Ranger - Original Series)  - FRIDAY ONLY

 Catherine Sutherland - (Pink Power Ranger - Zeo Turbo) - FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY

 Cleve Hall - (Syfy's Monster Man)

 Jay Acovone  - (SG-1, Charmed, The X-files, The Invisable Man, Sliders, The Hills Have Eyes, Beauty and The Beast) - FRIDAY ONLY

 Musetta Vander - (Stargate SG1, Star Trek: Voyager, Babylon 5. V.I.P., O Brother Where Art Thou, Kicking & Screaming, Transylmania, Frasier) - FRIDAY ONLY

 Cliff Simon - Ba'al (Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Continuum, NCIS: Los Angeles) - FRIDAY ONLY

 Vanessa Angel - Anise / Freya (Californication, Hall Pass, Stargate SG1, Weird Science, Kingpin, Spies Like Us, Saving Grace, The Division) - FRIDAY ONLY

 Nalina Krishan - (Star Wars: Episode II and III **Barris Offee**)

  Ashley Palmer - (Paranormal Activity, Saving Rent, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives) -SUNDAY ONLY

 Aaron Smolinski - (Superman: The Movie) - SUNDAY ONLY

 Katie Leigh - (Lego Star Wars: The Padawan Menace (Han Solo), Grim Fandango & Silent Hill 2,Poppy Cat (Zuzu), The Mr. Men Show (Little Miss Chatterbox), Everquest II (Lisori), Dungeons & Dragons Animated (Sheila: The Thief), Totally Spies (Alex), Muppet Babies (Baby Rowlf), Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears (Sunni Gummi), and Darkwing Duck (Honker Muddlefoot). 

Stephen Costantino - (Return of the Jedi) - SATURDAY ONLY

  Maria Olsen - (Percy Jackson, Paranormal Activity 3) - SUNDAY ONLY

  Cerina Vincent - (Cabin Fever, Not Another Teen Movie, Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, Return to House on Haunted Hill) - SATURDAY ONLY

  Brooke Lewis - (Ms. Vampy, Polycarp/Kinky Killers, Sinatra Club, Vamp It Out, iMurders) - SUNDAY ONLY

  Marilyn Ghigliotti - (Clerks, Alien Armageddon) - FRIDAY ONLY

  David Ankrum - (Star Wars, Tabitha) - SATURDAY ONLY

  Barry Pearl - (Grease, Alfred Hitchcock Presents)

  Michael Krawic - (Star Trek: Enterprise, X-Files Movie, Ghost of Mars, Legally Blonde 2, Fire Down Below) - SUNDAY ONLY

**Subject to Change - Dates and Times to be released closer to the event.





 Star Wars star Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), Bruce Boxleitner (Tron), Stephanie Erb (True Blood), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), several members of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and other celebrities will be signing throughout Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can also take pictures with them, which will be developed right on property so you can have the celebrity sign it. Perfect for framing. Get your VOUCHERS now to get on the VIP signing lines. email Frank@PopConLA.com to request yours now. 



Combat Radio will be streaming live from PopConLA July 6 through 8th at Booth #302 in Concourse West Hall. http://www.chillpakhollywood.com with Dean Haglund of the Lone Gunmen from the X-Files.




  Send in your Cosplay pics to frank@PopConLA.com. The top 30 costumes will walk the catwalk during the Cosplay Fashion Show on Saturday, July 7th on the Main Pop stage. 



 Here is the list of Nominations for the 2012 ITVfest Awards - Click Here